APicADay – Mettre les Voiles

Le ciel était laiteux ce jour-là encore, pastellisant ainsi toutes les couleurs. Les voiles en contrebas étaient tranquilles et nonchalantes en l’absence de tout vent. Pas même une petite brise pour venir les agiter et leur donner envie de prendre la mer.

Alors mettre les voiles ? Ok, mais après la lenteur du temps et la douceur d’une sieste dans le silence des drisses.


5 réflexions sur “APicADay – Mettre les Voiles

  1. That is a fantastic photo, Flo. Did you ever do film photography? I use Photo-Flo as the last step when developing film so water deposits don’t streak the film. Back to your photo. The composition is perfect with the Z-shape from the green grass to the gray dock with all the masts of the boats making an interesting pattern under the horizontal stripes that top the Z. It’s really fun to look at and explore all the elements laid out in the frame.

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    • Hello Timothy. I have done film photography, yes, from shooting to developing, and I really enjoyed it. I found it very interesting, and I think I understood the logic of it. I’m losing my footing with digital photography, the cameras are complicated and so I take a lot of photos hoping that chance will offer me the one I was looking for… I didn’t know about Photo-Flo, so I went to see on the web.
      This picture was taken in one of my favourite places in Le Havre, the Jardins Suspendus. It is an old fort that has been turned into gardens, with plants and trees from all over the world. In my city there are two levels, because of the cliffs, the upper city and the lower city. These hanging gardens are in the upper town, and offer a superb view of the lower town, the sea, the beach, the port… depending on where you are… I love going there and taking pictures.
      I chose this one for its composition, so I’m glad you like it.

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      • The split city sounds wonderful for photographic opportunities. Digital cameras are way too complicated. I set most of my cameras on aperture priority, and then I bracket using the -1, -2, -3 and +1, +2, +3 f-stop adjustments. On my carry camera, which is a Fujifilm XE-1 that I use like a point and shoot, I set it on program mode and let the camera select aperture and shutter speed combination since I usually don’t have time to mess with the adjustments for « the decisive moment » shots. You know Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photography, I presume?

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        • I do the same thing, aperture priority, for the SLR, and automatic mode for the little one that I take everywhere, or almost everywhere. I have had a Lumix TZ 101, but only for a year, before I had a Lumix TZ 7 that I kept for a long time. I looked at yours on the internet, it seems to be a very good camera, it is very well rated on photography sites.
          Are you still shooting film, then?
          The city where I live, Le Havre, is interesting in many ways, but it had a bad image for a long time. It is one of those cities that were almost totally destroyed during the Second World War, and whose modern architecture sometimes seems disconcerting to travellers…
          I know and like Cartier-Bresson’s photography.

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        • I still have a 4×5 inch view camera, and 6X7 cm medium format camera with several lenses, an old Nikon F2, and a Canon EOS1 RS that shoots at 10 frames a second. I can burn through a 36 exposure roll of film in 3 seconds with that camera. I also have a darkroom, but it’s getting used more as a music recording studio at the moment. I had a few different Lumix cameras. They are excellent cameras. I switched to Canon for full-frame sensors, and Fujifilm for carry cameras.

          Since Le Havre is near the mouth of the Seine, it would be a prime target in any war.

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